Ashlee Fredrickson

“Turns out, it was the best decision we could’ve ever made.”

The decision to join Wesley Chapel Volleyball Club (WCVC) was not an easy one. Knowing next to nothing about volleyball clubs myself, we took a risk on a new volleyball club. Turns out, it was the best decision we could’ve ever made. Coach Bill has exceeded my expectations in every way. My daughter has grown tenfold as an athlete and plays a position she was told hands-down she would never play. This in large part is due to her dedication and the coaching and experience that Coach Bill and the staff at Wesley Chapel Volleyball Club provide each and every day. There is a healthy balance of constructive feedback and praise. The fundamentals, leadership and sportsmanship that Bill instills in each of these girls will last a lifetime. When your children play competitive sports you want to know that they are getting better at their craft and that’s definitely the case with Bill and staff. We have found our home and second family with the entire WCVC family. Looking forward to another amazing season. Go warriors

Brett Bastedo

Brett Bastedo

“Dad, I want to play volleyball”.

My daughter, Cienna, who until almost 12 years of age wanted nothing to do with sports. Out of nowhere, she announces “Dad, I want to play volleyball”. We found Coach Bill Leverett with the Wesley Chapel Volleyball Club in the summer of 2018. I cannot say enough about Coach Bill Leverett and WCVC. He took a chance on a young player with passion but little skills. Within the year he helped her grow into a competitive defensive player who played well above her age on the WCVC – 15U team. Coach Bill continued to invest his time and energy into helping her during the offseason and this fall she made her varsity middle school team. The dedication, commitment and core values of Coach Bill Leverett are second to none. We are proud to be part of the Wesley Chapel Volleyball Club and look forward to the new season. Go Warriors!

“I strongly recommend Coach Bill Leverett as the most dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate, and caring girl’s volleyball coach to ever invest in my daughter, Brooke.”

When Coach Bill and I were both stationed in Hawaii together, my daughter tried out for his volleyball club in her 7th grade year.  Her choice to join his club was the best decision of her volleyball career.  He wholeheartedly invested himself in every young lady on the team. He challenged them, pushed them, mentored them, coached them, and ultimately made them the best they could be.  He was always positive with the girls even when he had to be tough.  I found him to be a man of character and loyalty.  Brooke responded so well to his coaching, she wanted to be on his club again in her 8th grade year.  He even coached my son in a co-ed league in his 5th grade year.  Even when we moved back to Virginia, Coach Bill would periodically check on Brooke and even spent his personal time in the summer coaching her when he visited his family in Virginia.  I’m proud to say Brooke was recruited in her high school junior year and signed to a Division II University in West Virginia.  She graduated from high school this year and is now playing her first season at Shepherd University.  Brooke is the first to say that she owes it all to the great start she received from Coach Bill.  He saw her potential and made sure she lived up to it.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to Bill Leverett.

John Dunn

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for and with coach Bill.”

His enthusiasm for the game, dedication to his athletes and commitment to the sport of volleyball is unmatched. He brings a wealth of volleyball knowledge from tenure coaches here in Hawaii and is passionate about this sport. Always embedding the technical aspect of this sport but never forgetting the life lessons learned. Those that are fortunate enough to play for coach Bill will not be disappointed.

Coach Cua

“Hi, my name is Gabriel Maunupau, (Coach Gabby).”

I’m currently the Co-Head Coach for the Boys Varsity Volleyball program at Mililani High School in Mililani, Hawaii.  I’ve work with skill ranges from elementary, intermediate, high school, collegiate and professional athletes.  I’ve known Coach Bill for a little under 10 years. He is one of the most passionate, driven, and most focused coaches that I have ever met in the past 20 years of coaching.

As a player and as a parent it is important to look for coaches that are the right fit for you and have your best interest at heart.  That coach should help you improve and provide you with a wealth of experience and knowledge that will prepare you for volleyball and life as well.  It is important to look for clubs that are not in volleyball for the money.  This is why I highly recommend Coach Bill Leverett.  His intentions and genuineness for creating this program are only to support his passion for volleyball.

Coach Gabby

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