Wesley Chapel Volleyball Club (WCVC)  is a competitive volleyball club whose goal is the development of volleyball athletes within a team structure. We would like to emphasize that it is our job to put the team first in almost every situation. We view team sports as a tremendous tool in any young person’s growth – those without it are missing out on a great opportunity and a great experience. Every player’s attendance at all practices and all tournaments is essential to the development and success of the team. If for any reason, you are going to miss any practice or tournament or be late to any club function, please notify your coach directly as soon as you are aware of the situation. If you are aware of a situation right now, please notify your coach right now. In addition, players are required to attend practices in their entirety. Many times, drills are specifically created by the coaches that involve all the players on the team. When players don’t show, come late, or leave early, it is detrimental to the entire team and their practice as well as potentially hinders the plans that the coaches may have set up during those times. Practices are to be attended by all players from beginning to end, barring any unforeseen circumstance or emergency. Playing time is not guaranteed for any player at any time. There is no such thing as ‘equal playing time.  Playing time has to be earned by every single player and may change at any given time, or even multiple times throughout the season. Factors determining playing time will include, but are not limited to, attitude, attendance, punctuality, position, skill level, work ethic, leadership, players ability to accept coaching. It is our goal to give playing time to every athlete during all possible opportunities throughout the season, especially if he or she has exhibited the above traits, but at no time is anyone guaranteed playing time, a ‘starter’ position, or any other assumed arrangements. It is the coach’s decision as to who to put on the court and when.